Hiking Trail for Kids, Trail Run for Moms Part 2 - Prospector Trail

Prospector Trail - Part 2

After running through the GatherHouse neighborhood and connecting to the trail system, we arrived at the Red Cliff Desert Reserve welcome sign, - about 1.5 miles into our run. This entrance to the Preserve can also be found by driving across I-15 on Washington Parkway, heading west. There is a dirt pull out to the right (before E. Buena Vista Boulevard) where you can park and easily find the signs for Grapevine Trail.

My sister and I planned to run 8 miles out and back. So from the Reserve welcome sign, we followed the Grapevine Trail (basically an old utility road) for another 1/2 mile. Grapevine Trail is wide enough for a truck to drive on and perfect if you want to run side-by-side with your sister and chat - which of course we did! We followed the trail in a general north, northeast direction until we came to the sign for Prospector Trail.

We took Prospector trail and headed northwest. The trail is mostly single-track, hard-packed open desert trail and offers spectacular views of Snow Canyon mountains to the west.

This was the most technical part of the run.  At little steep but totally doable

After another 1/2 mile or so the trail veered down a fairly steep slope into a small ravine with a sandy bottom. In the dry stream bed we discovered unique a rock formations and lush greenery. But we couldn’t pause too long to enjoy the shade they offered.

Instead, we followed the signs for Prospector trail through the sandy bottom and out on to the tops of some slick-rock shelves.

We ran for another mile into wide open desert terrain that alternated between slick rock and single-track hard pack. We reached our allotted 4 miles and turned around, but not before we captured some of the breathtaking views:

If we had continued further, the trail ends behind the Orson Adams House in the Red Cliffs Recreation Area. Prospector Trail runs 6.5 miles beginning to end. At http://www.redcliffsdesertreserve.com/trail --you can find a comprehensive list of trails in the Reserve and helpful descriptions about trail conditions, including Prospector Trail.

We put our phones away, retraced our steps, and headed back to GatherHouse. We loved the run. We came back feeling rejuvenated and energized. We had time to connect with each other, enjoy the smells and sights of the desert, experience the thrill of exploring new territory, and we'd found a place to take the kids later in the day. Back at the house, we were ready to take on all the fun chaos of the family reunion.

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